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Competencies of the Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of the Interior performs administrative tasks related to:

analytical monitoring of the situation and strategic planning in the field of fighting crime, public order, traffic safety and other areas of police work and action, instructive action for the implementation of strategies and policies in these areas;

supervision and internal control over the performance of police duties and procedures, professionalism, legality and efficiency of performance of police duties;

proposing, monitoring and implementing mechanisms for the effective fight against human trafficking;

citizenship, travel documents, immigration, asylum, naturalization, ID cards, residence and keeping of stipulated registers;

personal identification number, personal name, civil registry;

vehicle and driver records;

procurement of weapons and weapon parts; transport of weapons, military equipment and dual-use goods by land and by water;

protection of personal data;

production, trade and transportation of explosives; trade, transportation and storage of flammable liquids and gas; transport of non-flammable hazardous liquids and gas, transportation of explosives;

risk management, emergency and rescue management, and management of remediation of consequences in emergency situations (earthquakes, fires and other natural and technical and technological disasters);

civil protection, as a part of an integrated emergency management system; field of public administration in the part of the organization, manner and methods of work, management, responsibility, relations, cooperation, publicity and transparency of work of the public administration;

implementation of international agreements within the competence of the Ministry;

security of the state border; integrated border management, organization and financing of the construction, reconstruction, modernization and maintenance of border crossings; border line in the area of competence of the ministry; drafting medium-term program strategy and annual plans for managing border crossings; leasing facilities or parts of objects at border crossings;
harmonization of domestic regulations within the limits of its competence with the acquis of the European Union; cooperation with international and regional organizations;

keeping of stipulated records.